New York Dolls - Vietnamese Baby tab

E C A BE-9------5------5-----7----------------------------------------B-9------5------5-----7----------------------------------------G-9------5------6-----8----------------------------------------D-9------5------7-----9----------------------------------------A-7------3------7-----9----------------------------------------E-7------3------5-----7----------------------------------------
Intro-E C E C over and over E C When I get home to you E C I gotta show you what I can do E C But everything connects E And that ain't nowhere B A And maybe they're just giving you all you ever wanted B A And maybe you never ever knew what that was B A And maybe you're just finding it out now B A B A With a Vietnamese baby on your mind The rest of the song is just that over and over again. The only other part I know is right after the chorus(right after the drum rolls) the guitar breaks on the B string on the 17th fret. The solos, though, I have no idea about.
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