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Newsboys – This Is Your Life chords

intro: G Bm D A 

Am This is not the warm-up round
EmThis is not a trial heat
G DI can't be repeated when your time has gone
AmThis is not an infinite resource
EmOr the prelude to a starter course
G DYou don't send it back if it gets done wrong
GThis is your life
BmTreat yourself right
DTreat others right
ALive like you know you should
GThis is life
BmFight the good fight
DFight for what's right
ADo what you know you should
2.Verse chords is the same as the first verse Bridge:
Em You had a dream
D (A)but it get lost in a life of regret
Em D The devil knows you get just one shot
Em You had a dream
D (A)Are you still dreaming or did you forget
Em D That heaven's calling for your best shot
Ref: G Bm D A End: G Bm D A
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