Newworldson – Today chords

Key = CTempo 93
Intro : |C |F/C |C |F/C | Verse 1 :
C F Dm GLight of the world, hope for all man
C F Dm GYou never let me down
C F Dm GI can't believe You call me Your friend
C F Dm GIt's turned my whole life around
F C/EBut still it's hard to let go of the wheel
D Dm GNo one ever showed me how
Chorus :
C F Dm GMaybe this time You can take the lead
C F Dm GAnd I won't try to pull You by the sleeve
C F Dm G CBecause every time I think that I know better, I lose my way
F GSo God, what You wanna do today
Interlude : |C |F/C | Verse 2 :
C F Dm GYou are the King of heaven and earth
C F Dm GAll of creation bows
C F Dm GI give You my heart for all that it's worth
C F Dm GI'm at Your service now
F C/EBut I always wanna guess just what You need
D Dm GTrying to honor my vow
Chorus Bridge :
Dm G E AmMaybe we will spend the hours just being still
D Dm G C F Dm G C F Dm GAnd knowing You are God, You are God
C F Dm G C FOh every time I think that I know better I lose my way
Dm GDon't let me lose my way
Chorus Ending :
C F Dm G Am C FWhat You wanna do today
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