Nice Peter – Makes No Difference chords

D Bm A I've got one thing to explain
"oh, it's alright" you said
D Bm Abut no, it means a ton
D Bm Afor 4 times out of 5
I curse the valley son
D Bm AI've got a desert for a lawn.
D Bm AYea, I know things have changed
no doubt about it.
D Bm AI'm broke and you're a star
D Bm AWell I may not get your rain
or turning colors
D Bm Abut I can feel the season change
D Bm Aand it makes no difference
D How I yearn for better days
Atraveling on trains
D Aand everything was paid
D We share love many ways
Aget some Carlo Rossi
D Awe're playing bocce on my lawn
D Bm A and it makes no difference
Aeating my complaints
A7 F#mnow trapped in a car
Awhen you're running
A7 F#myou don't get very far
D Dmone thing's certain
F#m A D Dm you are who you are
D Bm AI've got one thing to explain
D Bm Ait makes no difference
D Bm Ait makes no difference.
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