Nice Stupid Playground - Bedroom Window tab

Song : Stereo Girl 
Band : Nice Stupid Playground
Tabbed By : Diamond Jerry (

Standard Tuning 


e-------------|---------------| B-------------|---------------| G-------------|----------0~---|D-----0-2-0~--|----0-2-0------| Repeat 2xA---3---------|--3------------| E-------------|---------------|
(VERSE) G F#/G C/G G All alone in my room F#/G C/G G Sitting here in the afternoon F#/G C/G All i heard is those sad, sad G listen to what they say F#/G C/G from the room window door (PRE-CHORUS) Am C G Ordinary day.. Am C G Ordinary day.. Am C G Ordinary day.. Am C (CHORUS) G Little by little Em C D That she wants it all about you G If you find me Em C D~ I'm over, over you (REPEAT INTRO) (VERSE) G F#/G C/G G Lying down on my bed F#/G C/G G as the day seems so sad F#/G C/G G Wishing on the sunshine..come and take me now F#/G C/G from the room window door (REPEAT PRE-CHORUS) (REPEAT CHORUS 2x) (REPEAT INTRO) (BRIDGE) G - F#/G - C/G (2x) haah.....hah..... Am - C - G, Am - C... (REPEAT CHORUS 2x) (OUTRO) Repeat Intro Riff..end with G)
G F#/G C/G Am C D Eme---3-----3-----3-----0-----0-----2-----0----|B---3-----3-----3-----1-----1-----3-----0----|G---0-----0-----0-----2-----0-----2-----0----|D---0-----0-----2-----2-----2-----0-----2----|A---2-----0-----3-----0-----3-----0-----2----| E---3-----2-----0-----0-----0-----0-----0----|
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