Nicholas Barron – This Train tab

This is mostly right.  There might be a few differences here and there, but overall it's good.

Intro/ Verses: D – A/c# - bm – A – G – D/f# - em – A  

This train is always moving
It’s the same over this flowing beauty
It twists and turns in mountains and valleys
Everyone of us, getting carried

This train it don’t segregate
It’s a shinning vessel in the rooms always
Through the human condition all over the earth
Tragedy and comedy, death and birth
You know I want to know…


||: D – C – G – A :|| 
You gonna ride?  Gonna ride? Tell me…
Are you gonna ride?
Compromise? Compromise?  When you…
Gonna compromise?

D – F# - bm – A – E/g#
Realize!  Realize…
G – D/F# - em – A – D 
That this train is your life

(Repeat Intro)

This train is a joyous place
Cleanse your mind, clear your plate
Write about your life, read about another
On this train we’re all sisters and brothers

This train don’t cost no money
We all ride for free if we accept everybody
Ruthless ramblers and fumbling gamblers
And everyone who, needs a family
That’s why I really wanna know….

(Repeat Chorus)

(Whistling Instrumental on intro chords)

F – C 
This train moves at the speed of a restless spirit
We call ourselves the Nay-Sayers
And those who fear it
You know I really want to know…

(Repeat Chorus)

This train, this train…
This train is your life

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