Nick Cave And The Bad Seed – The Mercy Seat chords


Picked this up online and it plays really great so I thought I'd share.

 There are some bizarre chords you will need for this song.
 There doesn't exist proper titles for these chords (except
 Em) and so I have labeled them with arbitrary symbols.
 The TAB shows each string and the numbering refers to fret
 position. You will have to work out which finger
 arrangements suit you best! An 'O' means the string is
 'open' (i.e. you let the open string ring) whereas an 'X'
 means the string must not be allowed to ring out (i.e. don't
 play it or dampen it).

 I worked this out from the 'Live seeds' version rather than
 'Tender Prey'

E|---O-------O------O------O------------------------| B|---O-------O------O------O------------------------| G|---O-------O------4------2------------------------| D|---2-------4------4------4------------------------| A|---2-------2------2------2------------------------| E|---O-------O------O------O------------------------|
Em E* E^ E+ It began when they came and took me from my home ... Em / E* / Em /E* VERSE:
Em E* Em E* I began to warm and chill to objects and their fields
Em E* Em E* a ragged cup a twisted mop. the face of Jesus in my soup
Em E* Em E* Those sinister dinner meals The meal trolly's wicked wheels
Em E* Em E* A hooked bone rising from my food. All things either good or ungood
Em E^ And the mercy seat is waiting and I think my head is burning
E+ D Dm and in a way I'm yearning to be done with all this measuring of truth
F an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth
C Em / E* / Em / E* and anyway i told the truth and I'm not afraid to die
Repeat the chords for Verse and chorus over the remaining lyrics
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