Nick Cave – What Can I Give You chords

D Bm D BmAll my life I failed to see
One good thing standing in front of me
D BmAnd the planets gravitate around you
And the stars, the stars surround you And the angels in heaven adore you And the saints, the saints all stand and applaud you
A GWhat can I give you?
A G A DWhat can I give you in return?
The shadow came creeping, a criminal That you chased, babe, from my life And sometimes when I'm sleeping I see him shuffle against the night Oh, he's waiting, yeah he's waiting to return And each step I take moves me one step below you And you must do in order to console me Help me, help me, help me, baby, reach down and collect me What can I give you? What can I give you in return? Galaxies collide; they shower down around you And I searched, I stumbled and then I found you In your robe, in your crown, reaching low, babe Reaching low down to the ground What can I give you? What can I give you in return?
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