Nick Drake – River Man tab

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Tabbed by:Dr smith

Tuning:EADGBe (capo 3rd)

This is somewhat similiar to the other version but I hope this ones a bit more
comprehensive. And this one covers the "Oh, how they come and go" bit whereas
the other one doesn't. This is quite a tough song to play rythmically speaking,
its in 5/4 time and starts on an anacrusis. One way I recommend on learning this
song properly is to sing along to it, this forces you to keep time better.

Intro: Cadd9/G (Aadd9/E (Relative to capo remember))e|----------------------0-----|B|----2-----2-----------2-----|G|----4-----4-----------4-----|X4D|----2-----2--2-----------2--|A|----0-----0-----------0-----|E|-0-----0--------0--0--------|
Verse: Cm9/G (Am9/E)e|----------------------------|------------------------------|B|----1-----1----------1------|-----1------1-----------1-----|G|----4-----4----------4------|-----4------4-----------4-----|D|----2-----2--2-------2--2---|-----2------2--2--------2--2--|A|----0-----0----------0------|-----0------0-----------0-----|E|-0-----0-------0--0---------|--0------0--------0--0--------|
Bbmadd11 (Gmadd11) e|-----------------------|-----------------------------|B|-----3-----3--------3--|-----3-----3-----------------|G|-----3-----3--------3--|-----3-----3-----------3-----|D|-----0--------0-----0--|-----0--------0--------5-----|A|-----------3-----------|-----------3-----------5-----|E|--3-----3--------3-----|--3-----3--------3--0-----0--|
Ab (F)e|-----------------------------|B|-----1-----1-----------1-----|G|-----2-----2-----------2-----|D|-----3-----3--3--------3--3--|A|-----3-----3-----------3-----|E|--1-----1--------1--1--------|
Cadd9/G (Add9/E)e|-----------------------------|-----------------------0-----|B|-----1-----1-----------1-----|-----2-----2-----------2-----|G|-----2-----2-----------2-----|-----4-----4-----------4-----|D|-----3-----3--3--------3-----|-----2-----2--2-----------2--|A|-----3-----3-----------3--0--|-----0-----0-----------0-----|E|--1-----1--------1--1--------|--0-----0--------0--0--------|
Intro: Cadd9/G Verse 1: Cm9/G Bbm add11 Betty camd by on her way Ab Said she had a word to say Cadd9/G about things today and fallen leaves Cm9/G Bbm add11 Said she hadn't heard the news Ab Hadn't had the time to choose Cadd9/G A way to lose, but she believes. Cm9/G Bb add11 Verse 2: Going to see the river man Ab Going to tell him all I can Cadd9/G About the plan for lilac time Cm9/G Bb add11 If he tells me all he knows Ab About the way his river flows (C7b5) |002040| And all night shows in the summertime Instrumental section: Ab Cadd9/G Ab Cadd9/G Repeat verse 1 for 3 and verse 2 for 4. Verse 3: Betty said she prayed today For the sky to blow away Or maybe stay, she wasn't sure For when she thought of summer rain Calling for her mind again She lost the pain and stayed for more. Verse 4: Going to see the river man Going to tell him all I can About the ban, on flying free If he tells me all he knows About the way his river flows I don't suppose it's meant for me. (C13/G) Outro: |004020| Oh, how they come and go (C7b5/G) Cm9/G Cadd9/G |002040| Oh, how they come and go (Fine) | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note =============================================================================
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