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Nick Drake – Ride tab

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From: Mike 
Date: Thu, 8 Jun 1995 12:19:14 GMT+0000

Ride -- Nick Drake
album: Pink Moon

This song is fairly easy. I've tabbed out the main picking patterns;
there are a few variations, some off them I've put in brackets,
and if you can't work out the others from the record, they're
not important. The hardest part is the timing, which I hope I've got
fairly accurate, but I couldn't work out the time-signature; I think
it changes every now and then, so you'll have to play along to the
record to get you started.

The tuning is CGCFCE, without a capo.

                                                            hammer on

PART II:- the notes in brackets are only played towards the end. don't pick the 2 after the 3, like a pull off but smoother.E-|-(1)-(0)-----(1)-(0)-----(0)-(1)-(0)-----(0)------------------|C-|--_____--(2)--_____--(2)------_____--(2)----------------------|F-|--3-p-2---0---3-p-2---0---2---3-p-2---0---2-----------2-------|C-|--0-----------0-----------0---0-------0---0-------0-----------|G-|--------------------------------------------------------------|C-|--0-------0---0-------0---0---0-------0---0---0-----------0---|
PART III:-E-|-----------------------------------------------------------------|C-|---------_____---------------------------_____-------------------|F-|---------9-p-7---9---9-------------------7-p-5---7---7-----------|C-|-----7---7-------7---7---7-----------5---5-------5---5---5-------|G-|-----------------------------7-------------------------------5---|C-|-7-------------------------------5-------------------------------|
PART V (the solo):-
[INTRO:-] I*3, II*2, III, IV*2 [VERSE 1:-] I I know you I Care too I I see through II All of the pictures that you keep on the wall II All of the people that will come to the ball [CHORUS:-] III But hear me calling, won't you give me IV A free ride III Hear me calling, won't you give me IV A free ride IV [VERSE 2:-] I I know too I What you do I When you're through II Counting the cattle as they go by the door II Keeping a carpet that's so thick on the floor [CHORUS] [SOLO:-] V*3, II*2 [REPEAT VERSE 1] [CHORUS] IV*2. ------------------------------------------------------ I*3, means play Part I three times, etc. Oddly, the lyrics booklet in my box set has verse 3 with the line "all of the pictures that keep you on the wall" twice, whereas this is clearly not what he sings at this point. Maybe those were the original words which got changed when he recorded the song in the studio, or more likely, it's another misprint by Hannibal Records (the booklet is full of them...). Mike =========== Mike H. =========== michael.healey@balliol.oxford.ac.uk
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