Nick Perito - The Green Leaves Of Summer tab

Guitar Tabs - The Green Leaves Of Summer (By Nick Perito, from the movie "Inglourious Basterds):

Harmonica Rif (done simultaneously with part A):E|----------------------------------------------------|B|----------------------------------------------------|G|-----9----11--9---8-----------9---11---12---11------|D|--9------------------9----9----------------------12-|A|----------------------------------------------------|E|----------------------------------------------------|
Part A: E E B E D G Am B B7 Part B: E Am C G B Am E F# Part A: E E B E D G Am B B7 Part B: E Am C G B Am E Bridge: F C7 F D# G# A#m Bdim C7 Part C (Ending): D m# Am# C# G# C7 A#m F G E F F F F @Tabbed By Gal Atia.
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