Nickel Creek – Green And Gray tab

thi song is azzome....the best...enjoy it


A                                                    C#m
I'm in a room full of people all hanging on one person's breath.
G                                               Bm
We would all vote him most likely to be loved to death,
A                                                        C#m
And I hope he still wants it, but it might remind him of when
    G                                                   A
He aimed for the bullýs eye and hit it nine times out of ten.

all of the verses are the same
so repeat this progression


A     B                 D        F#m  D          E
Green is the color that everyone sees all around me
A     B              D          F#m      E            A 
Gray is the color I see around her, but she's just a blur
    D              C#m        Bm         A         
The more the crowd cheers the less I can hear 
         F#m                      C#
And they don't really care what I play
D            C#m          Bm          E              A
Might be for her, but for now it's between green and gray

that is it 
have fun with it
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