Nickelback – Photograph Acoustic chords

E1 E2 E3 E4e------------|-------------|------------|------------- ( About the strummingB------------|-------------|------------|------------- just strum down, up,G---1--------|---8---------|---4--------|----6-------- down, up one right D---2--------|---9---------|---5--------|----7-------- after the other.)A---2--------|---9---------|---5--------|----7--------E------------|-------------|------------|-------------
Verse 1
E1 E2 E3 Look at this Photograph, everytime I do it makes me laugh,
E4 E1 How did our eyes get so red, and what the hell is on joeys head.
Verse 2
E1 E2 E3 And this is where I grew up, I think the present owner fixed it up,
E4 E1 I never knew we ever went without,the second floor is high for sneakin out
Verse 3
E1 E2 E3and this is where I went to school, most of the time had better things to do
E4 E1Criminal record says I broke in twice, I must have done half a dozen times
Verse 4
E1 E2 E3 I wander if it's too late, should I go back and try to graduate,
E4 E3Life's better now than it was back then, if I was them I would'nt let me in!
E4Oh Oh Oh... Oh God I!
E1 E2 Every memory of lookin out the back door, I had the photo album spread
E3 E4out on my bedroom floor, It's hard to say it, time to say it, Good-bye!
E1 E2 Every memory of walkin out the front door, I found the photo of the friend
E3 E4that I was looking for, It's hard to say it, time to say it, Good-Bye! Good-
Bye! (E1, E2, E3, E4) Verse 1
E1 E2 E3 remember the old arcade, blew every dollar that we ever made,
E4 E1 The cops hated us hanging out, they said somebody went and burned it down
Verse 2
E1 E2 E3 We used to listen to the radio, and sing along to every song we'd know,
E4 We said someday we'd find out how it feels, to sing to more than just the
E1 steering wheel. Verse 3
E1 E2 E3 Kim's the first girl I kissed, I was so nervous that I nearly missed,
E4 She's had a couple of kids since then, I haven't seen her since god knows
E3 E4 when! Oh Oh Oh... Oh God I!
Chorus Bridge
E3, E4, E1 E2 E3 E4 I miss that town, I miss their faces, you can't erase, you can't
E1 replace it
E1 E2 E3 E4I miss that town, I can't beleive it, So hard to stay, so hard to
E1 leave it!
E1 E2 If I could Relive those days, I know the one thing that would never
E3 change...
E1 E2 E3 Look at this photograph, everytime I do It makes me laugh,
E4 Everytime I do it makes me...
[[you can also listen if you want to know the strum pattern. its pretty basic. and this is one amazing song]]
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