Nickelback – Dc tab

Tuning: standard
This is a song from their first album 'Hesher'. Im a big fan of their older work (before
dark horse)so i thought, why not make a tab? I was listening to this song on youtube
and after a while, i was playing it. So for those checking this tab out, please tell me 
where i need to correct the tab a bit, to make it sound.........better..cause its not 100%
accurate. Anyway, have fun :)

Intro (before he starts to sing of course)E---------------------------------------|IB---------------------------------------|IG-------------------------------I-------| x4D----------------5-3--------------------|IA-----------0h3-------5-3-(0)-----------|IE---------------------------------------|I
--------------------|--------------------|-------5-3----------|---0h3------5-3-----|(0) 2X (listen to the song for the structure)--------------------|--------------------|
chorus (or whatever it is they play right after the verse)E---------------------|IB---------------------|IG---3----1----(3)-----|ID---5----3----(5)-----|IA---5----3----(5)-----|IE---------------------|I
When you listen to the song,you can hear him play the verse, then the 'chorus' and right after he just plays the intro bit. he repeats this three times, then goes back to the verse. The outro is a little bit like the verse, but its kinda hard to hear what he does exactly.....was kinda hopin someone else knows to do it.... So yeah this tab is far from done, im still working on it and again i hope some of you hhase a suggestion for the outro or any other part of the song...........the end????
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