Pretty chords with lyrics by Nicole Scherzinger - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Nicole Scherzinger – Pretty chords

This is my first tab so sorry if it turns out wrong. I did this by ear. No capo 
required! Strum only the bass strings=*

G*When I was your woman,
Em*And you were my man,
G*You used to say the sweetest things to me,
C* (palm mute) But you was always good like that.
G*You used to tell I was pretty,
Em*But I guess you weren't the man.
G*But it was nothing more than boring to you
C* (palm mute) Being with the perfect ten
G*So my, my nails were done
I had my hair on point
Em*Got my, my body talking the way you like it boy
G*Yes I played the part
Then you broke my heart
C*As if I mean nothing to you
GCan't believe how you make me feel pretty
GPretty upset
Pretty broken
EmI feel so pretty
Pretty messed up Pretty much done
CNow without you, super pretty
GI will never be pretty messed up.
(palm mute) I don't wanna be pretty no more ~Same chords for the 2nd verse and pre-chorus~
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