Nicolo Paganini – Caprice 24 tab ver. 2

 Caprice Number Twenty Four                

                                         Nicolo Paganini
Stopa 1

E S S S S S S E S S S S S S E||-------------------------|--12------------------|B||--10----10-10-13p-12p-10-|----------------------|G||-------------------------|--------9-9-13p-11p-9-|D||-------------------------|----------------------|A||-------------------------|----------------------|E||-------------------------|----------------------|
E S S S S S S Q E E -------------------------|--12-----------||--10----10-10-13p-12p-10-|---------------||-------------------------|--------9-----*||-------------------------|--------------*||-------------------------|---------------||-------------------------|---------------||
E S S S S S S E S S S S S S --17----17-17-18p-17p-15-|-------------------------|-------------------------|--18----15-15-18p-17p-15-|-------------------------|-------------------------|-------------------------|-------------------------|-------------------------|-------------------------|-------------------------|-------------------------|
E S S S S S S E S S S S S S --15----15-15-17p-15p-13-|-------------------------|-------------------------|--17----13-13-17p-15p-13-|-------------------------|-------------------------|-------------------------|-------------------------|-------------------------|-------------------------|-------------------------|-------------------------|
E S S S S S S E S S S S S S --13---------------------|--17---------------------|--------12-12-15p-13p-12-|-------------------------|-------------------------|--------14-14-17p-16p-14-|-------------------------|-------------------------|-------------------------|-------------------------|-------------------------|-------------------------|
E S S S S S S Q E E -------------------------|---------------||--------16----17p-15p-13-|---------------||-------------------------|--14-----------||--15-------14------------|---------------||-------------------------|---------------||-------------------------|--------17-----||
Duration Legend --------------- W - whole H - half Q - quarter E - 8th S - 16th T - 32nd X - 64th . - note dotted |-n-| - n-tuplets Tablature Legend ---------------- L - tied note x - dead note g - grace note (n) - ghost note > - accentuded note NH - natural harmonic AH - artificial harmonic TH - tapped harmonic SH - semi harmonic PH - pitch harmonic h - hammer on p - pull off b - bend br - bendRelease pb - preBend pbr - preBendRelease brb - bendReleaseBend \n/ - tremolo bar dip \n - tremolo bar dive -/n - tremolo bar Release up /n\ - tremolo bar inverted dip /n - tremolo bar return -\n - tremolo bar Release down S - shift slide s - legato slide / - slide into from below or out of upwards \ - slide into from above or out of downwards ~ - vibrato W - wide vibrato tr - trill TP - tremolo picking T - tapping S - slap P - pop < - fade in ^ - brush up v - brush down
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