Nightwish - The Islander tab version 1

The islander
Track 10 From the Album: Dark Passion Play (2007)
Music & Lyrics: Marco Hietala
Tabbed by: Mariano Arnaiz
Anything to:
Tunning: 1 & 1/2 Step down
On acoustic guitar with metal strings, Use a pick (folk guitar)

So. This song has been in my mind for a while and i learned it like all of us from the 
But the licks and chords they didnít feel right. There was some mandolin kind of thin on 
But i just guess it was the 2 guitars and the piano and all that sh*t. I saw a video in 
From a dude that recorded Marco playing ut live, i had the chance to see a little bit 
i figure out
From there the tuning and fact that the guitar lick has a top line and a bottom line in 
high strings.

It aint that hard but it takes time. I hope you like it

Intro and Main riff

c#||-------------------------------|--------------------------------||G#||--10-10-10-10-10-----8--10-----|--------------10-10-8-6-8-------||E ||--7--9--10-9--9h10p9-5--7--7---|--5--7-7------10-9--5-3-5-------||B ||---------------------------7---|--3./5-5h6p5---------------3/5--||F#||--------------------------(5)--|--------------------------------||C#||-------------------------------|---------------------------1/3--||
Verse Example: Verses all the same (Dm Dsus2 Bb Bb Csus2 F C D5) Dm Dsus2 Bb An old man by a seashore at the end of days Csus2 F C D5 Gazes the horizon with sea wind in his face Dm Dsus2 Bb Tempest-tossed island, seasons all the same Csus2 F C D5 Anchorage unpainted and a ship without a name Chorus D5 Bb F C Dm Bb F Csus2 This is the long for-got-ten light at the end of the world D5 Bd F C Dm Bd F Csus2 D5 Ho-ri-zon cry-ing the tears we left behind long ago Chords
Dm Dsus2 Bb Csus2 F D5c#||--5----5-----6---3-----1--5---||G#||--6----5-----6---3-----1--3---||E ||--7----7-----7---5-----2--2---||B ||--7----7-----8---5-----3--0---||F#||--5----5-----8---3-----3--0---||C#||-------------6---------1------||
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