Nikola Sarcevic - Viola tab

Intro: F G E-------------1-----------3------|B-------------1-----------3------|G-------------2-----------0------|D------0-2----3----2-0-2--0------|A----3--------------------2------|E-------------------------3------|
Verse: C F Am GE--0--1--0---3--|B--1--1--1---3--|G--0--2--2---0--|D--2--3--2---0--|A--3-----0---2--|E------------3--|
Chorus: F G C C/B Am7 F GE--1--3--0---0---0---1--3--|B--1--3--1---1---1---1--3--|G--2--4--0---0---0---2--4--|D--3--5--2---0---2---3--5--|A--------3---2---0---------|E--------------------------|
Bridge (or w/e it can be called): Am F C G Am F GE---0--1--0--3--0---1--3--|B---1--1--1--3--1---1--3--|G---2--2--0--0--2---2--0--|D---2--3--2--0--2---3--0--|A---0-----3--2--0------2--|E------------3---------3--|
I think im missing a chord at the second part of the bridge. Hope you guys enjoy! Kind regards, lipzord.
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