Nils Lofgren - You chords

All credit goes to Mad Mart who tabbed version 1 of this song. I wanted to have 
the chords together with the lyrics so I added this version. For the intro,  check 
out version 1. Also, I think the bridge is better played like this.

Capo 1st fret

|Em Em C D| x3 
|G G G G|

Em C DAh, you, wake me with the gentlest touch.
Em C DWhen you, kiss me, oh, I feel I must I have
Em C D G you. You have everything I need,
C D G GExcept a burning love for me.
Am C D When I first saw you that day,
Am C GI had to ask you stay.
Am C DWe talked and drank to much,
Am C EmAnd our hearts softly touched.
C DNow, in us I do believe,
C DOr have I been deceived?
Em C DAh, you; you come down like early rain, and
Em C Dyou, Wash away my every pain, and
Em C D Gyou, You have everything I need,
C D G GExcept a burning love for me.
Am C DWell we had this for a while,
Am C GAnd when we make love, you'd always smile.
Am C DStill, there's a distance I can't close.
Am C D |Em - Em - C - D|x3I'm in deeper, and it shows. It shows.
BRIDGE |C - Em - Am - Am|x2 |C - Em - G - G |
Am C DWell, while our hearts are young and there's still time,
Am C GTell me what to do to make you mine, Oh, mine,
Em C Dah, you, You walk outside and birds start to sing,
Em C Dah, you. You look at me and know everything
Em C D GI feel. Grant me one wish, and I'll be free.
C D GI want you more in love with me.
C D |Em - Em - C - D|I want you more in love with me,
|Em - Em - C - D|ah, you.
|Em - Em - C - D| C - C - C - C| C - C - C - G|
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