Nina Simone – Trouble In Mind chords

This song is written by Richard M  Jones, but for some reason UG didn't let me 
register it under that namne. Nina Simone did however record this song... 

C G7 C FTrouble in mind I'm blue but I won't be blue always
C G7 CCause the sun's gonna shine in my back-door someday
G7 C FI'm gonna lay my head on some lonesome railroad line
C G7 CAnd let that 2:19 train pacify mind
G7 C FTrouble in mind I'm blue I have almost lost my mind
C G7 CSometimes I feel like living sometimes I feel like dying
G7 C FI'm going down to the river gonna take me a rocking chair
C G7 CAnd if the blues don't leave me I'll rock away from here
G7 C FTrouble in mind I'm blue my old heart is beating slow
C G7 CI ain't had so such trouble in my life before
G7 C FMy good gal she done quit me and it sure does leave my mind
C G7 CWhen you see me laughing it's laughing to keep from crying
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