Nina – Weekend In New England tab

Title: Weekend In New England
Artist: Nina 
Album: Barry Manilow

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Intro: G-C-Cm-Eb-D

G                  Bm7
Last night I wave goodbye
 Cm7              D
Now its seems years
 G             Bm7
I'm back in the city
 CM7                 D
Where nothing is clear
         C                  G
But thoughts of me holding you
 Am7            D
Bringing us near
And tell me


G                       C
When will our eyes meet?
G                     C
When can I touch you?
G                      B7   Em-A7
When will this strong yearning end
 Eb-D  Am7    D        G-C-G
And when will I hold you again

G                   Bm7
Time in New England
Cm7            D       
Took me away
 G                   Bm7
To long rocky beaches
 Cm7           D
And you by the bay
 C              G
We started a story
  Am7              D
Who's end must now wait
And tell me

(repeat chorus)


G                     Am
I feel the change coming
 Cm7               C
I feel the wind blow
  G               Am
I feel brave and daring
 Dm                G        
I feel my blood flow
 C                      Bm7
With you I could bring out
 Am         Dm7
All the love that I have
      C                G        
With you there;s heaven
 Am7                 D
So earth ain't so bad
And tell me

(repeat chorus)

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