Nina – I Do chords

::I Do by Nina::

[Capo on 1st Fret]

G AI can sense what you've been thinkin'
G AYou wanna know if what I feel
G AIs undoubtedly the real thing
G BmDoes your touch give me chills
G AIf you think I have no interest
G AIn the things you say and do
G ABaby if we close this distance
G AI'm gonna prove to you that
GI'm ready if you're ready and you
Aknow I wanna play
BmBaby come and get your girl cause
AI got somethin' to say to you
GGonna tell you what you wanna
A Bm GHear boy and it's oh so true
Chorus 2:
BmDo I like the way you're kissing me
GI do, yes I do
Bm GDo I think about the birds and the bees
GYou know I do
Bm'Cause there ain't no if's or maybe's
GDo I wanna be your baby
D AYes I do I do I do
Chorus 3:
Bm GDo I like the way you complement my style
GYes I do
Bm GDo I like the way your jokes can make me smile
GYou know I do
BmBeen thinking 'bout it lately
GAnd I wanna be your baby
D AYes I do I do I do
Verse 2:
G AI can see you got some issues
G AYou're afraid to let love start
G AMany pieces of this puzzle
G BmAre missing from your heart
Refrain 2:
G AI can heal the pain you're feelin'
G AI can fix the things you fear
G ASeems too obvious to mention
G ABut you're the reason that I'm here yeah yeah
Repeat Chorus 1, 2 and 3 Bridge:
G AWe could melt into the sun
G AWater colors start to run
G AAs we lie between the blue and green
G BmMaybe love changes everything
G ATears won`t wash away the hurt
G ARunning from it doesn't work
G A GCause love changes everything everything
A Bmeverything
Repeat Chorus 1 and 2
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