Nina – Collide chords

Chords By: naguenyong vinx

Intro: C-Dm-C-Dm-C-G-; Oh yeah
C Em Take me away from the real world
Am Em Far away, is this what we deserve
F C Even if we try to hide this identity
Dm G Someday we'll meet in victory, oh oh
Am Now that I found out
Em There's something out there
C F Up in the sky, there's the reason why
Dm F G G pause We'll fly together and fight together
F Even if we collide
G C And burst our hearts in the sky
Am Dm We'll find the answers inside
C We belong together
Dm G We are one in a kingdom of light
F Even if we collide
G C We'll find the reason to fight
Am Dm And we will meet side by side
C The power within us
Dm We'll take us there
G We'll make it there
F/C-Dm-C-Dm-; Even if we collide
C So don't be afraid
Em We'll make it through
Am Em Far away, love will find the truth
F C Even if we try to change this reality
Dm G Someday we'll rise in victory, oh oh
(Repeat Refrain) (Repeat Chorus)
F G We must fly together
F G And fight together
(Repeat Chorus except last word)
F/C-C-F/C-Dm-G-C ... collide
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