Nina – Cold Summer Nights chords

Title: Cold Summer Nights
Artist: Nina

Intro: G9 Bm(9) --4x

G9 Bm(9)I keep on blamming my self
I should have eaten my pride
G9 Bm(9)How can I convince you
It's just a matter of time
G9 Bm(9)Many times I've hurt you
With my foolish ways Oh girl
G9Now I know I have to pay the price
Bm7 F#mIs there a way for you to turn around
CTurn around and come back baby
AOoh... Baby can't you se
G(9)It's been cold summer nights
Bm(9)Since we drifted apart
G9 Cold summer nights
Bm(9) Since you walked out that door
G9 Bm(9)Cold summer nights here on my own
Em F#m ACOz I miss you baby, I need you here
Interlude: G9 Bm(9) 2x Repeat Verse and Refrain Repeat Chorus
G9 Bm(9) G Bm(9)Baby ooh.... ohh... oh...
G9Cold summer nights here on my own
EmI miss you babe
AAnd I need you here
Gm BmCOld summer nights
Gm BmCold summer nights
Gm BmHere on my own
EmI Miss you babe
AAnd I need you her
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