Nitrous – Dirt Road chords

Intro: Dm, C, Am, Dm. x2

Verse 1:
Dm C Am DmI'm like a cowboy, I ride and ride.
Dm C Am DmSing'in Sweet Home Alabama, Most of the Time.
Dm C Am DmDirt Road, I have rode so many times.
Dm C Am DmDirt Road, I will be there by nine.
Verse 2:
Dm C Am DmMy Dirt Road, Is like a Stairway to Heaven.
Dm C Am DmFull of Scriptures and Words, That are written in Red.
Dm C Am Dm(Gradualy Faster) The Dirt Road, Is very long and narrow.
Dm C Am DmOn that Dirt Road, I ride faster than a Sparrow.
Layout: 1) Intro 2) Verse 1 3) Chorus 4) Verse 2 5) Bridge 6) Chorus First Tab, Nic Chavers _______________
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