Nizlopi - Clear tab

This is a pretty easy song, I've only got a crappy youtube rip of it, but it's 
beautiful nonetheless.

Remember he uses a lot of muted chords. The rhythm isn't very hard so I'm not going to 
it out, just give it a quick listen.

The Chords for the Verse are just this:

G Bm7

Well I'm naked with you,
in this third story oxford,
wow I'm shaking with you,
huge feelings, huge feelings,
while you feel them too,
but in a different way than i do,
yeah I'm im all curled up by you,
little in love too, little in love!

Then for the chorus I play these chords:

e|-3-|---|B|-5-|-5-|G|-5-|-5-|D|-5-|-5-|A|-3-|-x-|E|---|-5-| C Am7
C When we didnt get it clear, Am7 and we didnt get it clear, (hmmmmmnnnn) I'm not sure about that, but it sounds okay to me. This is the picking bit
The part where he says "I'm amazed by you darling" is these chords:
Thats pretty much all of it, enjoy!
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