No Age - Sleeper Hold tab

So, I just learned this by ear. I don't know how right it is, because the guitar's kind 
of sloppy and buried under noise, so corrections are welcome.

Intro (on tenth fret):D6 D D6 D D6 then e--10---------------| a--12---------------| d--12---------------| g--11---------------| b--10---------------| e--12---------------|Alternate that with a D6. Trust me, listen along and it'll make sense.
Verse: B c#m E With passion he choose, why don't you scream B c#m E A B With passion it's cold, and nice to try B c#m E With passion he choose the one he's like B c#m E With passion he's ruined
InterludeE-------------------------------|A-------------------------------|D-7---9-------------------------|G------ 9 - 7- 9----------------|B-------- 7---------------------|E-------------------------------|
B c#m E With passion it's true and what's his name? D E B Inside home D E B I don't wanna take a ride home D E B I shouldn't make a bright one The song is a lot of repetition, so you can figure out the rest.
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