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Subject: TAB: Tragic Kingdom BY: No Doubt

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the transcription of:


>From the album: Tragic Kingdom (IND 9003, F:BM650), 1995
Record label: Interscope Records

Transcription by: Ronald Hakenberg, Delft, Netherlands
Please send an e-mail to me (, because I would like to know who uses this stuff.

Intro (Fig. 1)

Verse 1 (Fig. 2):
Once was a magical place
Over time it was lost
Price increased the cost
Now the fortune of the kingdom
Is locked up in its dungeon vaults
The castle floor lies in traps
With coiled wires set back
Decoyed by old cheese
Now the drawbridge has been lifted
As the millions
They drop to their knees

Chorus (Dm Bb 4x):
The pay homage to a king
Whose dreams are buried in their minds
His tears are frozen stiff
Icicles drip from his eyes

Verse 2 (Fig. 2):
The cold wind blows as it snows
On those who fight to get in
On heads that are small
Disillusioned as they enter
They're unaware what's behind castle walls
But now it's written in stone
The king has been overthrown by jesterly fools
And the power of the people 
Shall come to believe they do rule

Chorus (Dm Bb 4x):
The pay homage to a king
Whose dreams are buried in their minds
His tears are frozen stiff
Icicles drip from his eyes

(Fig. 3 2x)
Welcome to the tragic kingdom
Cornfields of popcorn have yet to spring open

(Fig. 4 2x)

Interlude (F#m C# E B 2x):
Have they lost their heads
Or are they just al blind mice
We've heard all their stories
One too many times

(F#m Fm Em D#m (B))
Hypnotized by fireflies
That glow in the dark
Midgets that disguise themselves
As tiny little dwarfs
The parade that's electrical
It serves no real purpose
Just takes up a lot of juice
Just to impress us

(missing part, sorry....)

Solo (Fig. 5)

Chorus (Dm Bb 4x):
The pay homage to a king
Whose dreams are buried in their minds
His tears are frozen stiff
Icicles drip from his eyes

(Dm Bb)
Ohoo, they dripped from his eyes into the night
They dripped from his eyes...
They pay homage to a king, buried in their minds
They dripped from his eyes

Outro (Fig. 6 part one)
Welcome to the tragic kingdom
Cornfields op popcorn have yet to spring open

(Fig. 6 part two x)
Welcome to the tragic kingdom
Welcome to the tragic kingdom
Welcome to the tragic kingdom
Welcome to the tragic kingdom
Welcome to the tragic kingdom
(and more and more and more)


F#m x-9-11-11-10-9Fm x-8-10-10-9-9C# 9-11-11-10-9-9E 7-9-9-9-7-7Em 7-7-9-9-8-7B 7-9-9-8-7-7Bb 6-8-8-7-6-6D#m 5-5-7-7-6-5
Fig. 1 INTROE|-6-5---5-4---4-3---3-2---0-------------------------|B|-6-6---6-5---5-4---4-3---2-------------------------|G|-7-7---7-6---6-5---5-4---2-------------------------|D|-8-7---7-6---6-5---5-4---2------------------**-----|A|-8-5---5-4---4-3---3-2---0---/3~~~--/9~~~--/12~~~--|E|-6-5---5-4---4-3---3-2-----------------------------|
** a second guitar plays 10~~~~
Fig 2. MAIN RIFFE|-------------------:|----------------------:|B|-------------------:|----------------------:|G|-------------------:|----------------------:|D|-------------------:|----------------------:|A|--2--5-2-1----1-2--:|-2--5-2-1---1-2-4-2-1-:|E|------------2------:|----------2-----------:|
Fig. 3 E|-6-5---5-4---4-3---3-2--:|B|-6-6---6-5---5-4---4-3--:|G|-7-7---7-6---6-5---5-4--:|D|-8-7---7-6---6-5---5-4--:|A|-8-5---5-4---4-3---3-2--:|E|-6-5---5-4---4-3---3-2--:|
Fig. 4 PRE-CHORUSE|----------------------------------------------------------:|B|----------------------------------------------------------:|G|---------7-6----------6-5----------5-4---------4----------:|D|-----7------------6------------5-----------4--------------:|A|-9-9---9------8-8---8------7-7---7-----6-6---6----5-6-7-8-:|E|----------------------------------------------------------:|
Fig. 5 SOLO The Van Halen part goes something like (heavy tapping):
with slideE|-9-9-9-9\(7)7--10-10-10-10\(9)-9--12-12-12-12\(10)10--12-14\9-/10-|B|------------------------------------------------------------------|G|-6-6-6-6\(5)4---7--7--7--7\(6)-6---9--9--9--9\(7)-7----9-11\6-/7--|D|------------------------------------------------------------------|A|------------------------------------------------------------------|E|------------------------------------------------------------------|
Fig. 6 OUTROE|-----------------------------------------------------:|B|-----------------------------------------------------:|G|-----------------------------------------------------:|D|-----3---3---5--------3---3---4----------------------:|A|-5-5---5---5---5--4-4---4---4---4--3....2..-1-2-3-4--:|E|-----------------------------------------------------:|
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