Bedroom Melody chords with lyrics by No Vacation - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

No Vacation – Bedroom Melody chords

Am  Am  C  E

Am You're just way too cool
CGet caught up on things
ELike how the carpet gets made of glue
FJust my feet inside the window
CThinking about you
G GAnd how you're home from school now
- Palm mute - VERSE:
Am And if these blankets weren't shackles
CI'd write you up a letter
EFull of all my memories
FSo It could reach you in your bedroom
CThinking about him
G GAnd how he's home from school now
- Palm mute - VERSE:
Am But I'm still held captive
CBy these dusty bookshelves
EFrom the thought of you and I
FHeld ransom by old pictures
GWhen I wasn't selfish
CAnd you were my best friend.
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