Winter tab ver. 2 with lyrics by Noah Gundersen - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Noah Gundersen – Winter tab ver. 2

Winter - Noah Gundersen

My sister really wanted to play this one. so i thought i'd work it out. Hopefully 
this is a little clearer than the original version.
NOTE: i'm not sure on some of the chord names, so check the shapes!

Tuning: Standard

Introduction riff (also use this progression in versus' 1, 2 and 4):
A* E* E** A2 E D/G* E|-------|-------------------------------------------------------------| B|-------|---------------0-----------------------------0---------------| G|-------|----6----9-----9----------1h2-2--1---------2-----------------| D|-----2-|----7----9-----9----------2---2--2---------------------------| A|-2h4---|---0-----7----6-----------0------2---------------------------| E|-------|---------------------------------------0h2-------------------|
CHORDS: EADGBE EADGBE A* - x0670x D/G* - 2x220x E* - x7990x B - 02440x E** - x6990x C* - 04660x A2 - x0220x F* - 2442xx E - 02210x Intro: A* E* E** A2 E D/G* (x2) Verse 1: A* E* E** A2 E D/G* All things pass with time, old trends, old friends A* E* E** Fitting for the month that michael died, A2 E D/G* buried in a stone cold riverbed, where the water shall divide A2 B Oh, come colder weather A2 B C* B Oh, come something better... please A* E* E** A2 E D/G* Verse 2: A* E* E** A2 E D/G* All things freeze with time, Clear skies, dry eyes A* E* E** Am I colder than the air in this town A2 E D/G* I have been a stone cold riverbed, if still I am alive A2 B Maybe, someday A2 B I said, maybe you'll forgive me Verse 3: A2 E B Because I've been a mayday son A2 E B I'm withered, weathered by the setting sun (of your summer) A2 E B A2 E If I could be anyone, these days I'd be someone different B ... so I could hold you now A* E* E** A2 E D/G* (x2) Verse 4: A* E* E** You slip away like a changing maple leaf A2 E D/G* I try to find any dry land that I can A* E* E** And for the last time, though I have loved you A2 E D/G* You keep slipping away, slipping away and I am finished with... Verse 5: A2 All the chaos and the ticking clock B The college life, the bomb that drops A2 And blows the whole damn thing to bits B A2 Freezing are my fingertips in this cold B C* B E In this cold, cold town A2 E (x4) followed by a riff of this type...
Riff 1: E|--------------------------------------------------------| B|------0-------------0-----------0------------0----------| G|---2-----2-------4-----4-----6-----6------8-----8-------| D|--------------------------------------------------------| A|--------------------------------------------------------| E|--2--2--2--2---4--4--4--4---5--5--5--5---7--7--7--7-----| (x4)
Verse 6: A2 E We make such different people B F* Climbing into different beds at night A2 E With both such different feelings B F* Mine are overwhelming, are yours? A2 E I might be screaming while you're B F* Dreaming without any concern A2 E B It took so long for me to find F* -----(hold). That I can't try anymore A2 E And if I said I'm sorry B F* Too many times before its cuz I A2 E B B Just wanted desperately to make you love me A2 E Darling, if the sun could shine in B F* Brighter than all your distractions A2 E I would climb into him B F* A2 E B F* And light myself on fire A2 E B F* (x4) (no F* on last time) Repeat Riff 1 (x4) End on E [Guitar 2: small riffs over the bits between verses (listen to the song)... Between Verse 1 and 2:
E|---2-2--2/4-4/5-----7--7-5-4-0--0h2---2/4--------------| B|-------------------------------------------------------| G|-------------------------------------------------------| D|-------------------------------------------------------| A|-------------------------------------------------------| E|-------------------------------------------------------|
Between Verse 5 and 6 (between the A2 and E's)
E|---2/4/2/0--0-----2/4/2/0-------------2/4/2/0-0----2/4/2/0-0--7--| B|----------------------------2--4--5------------------------------| G|-----------------------------------------------------------------| D|-----------------------------------------------------------------| A|-----------------------------------------------------------------| E|-----------------------------------------------------------------|
...something like that.] Enjoy.
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