Noah Gundersen – The Ocean chords

THE OCEAN - Noah Gundersen

Well I'm farily sure the chords are right. Not so certain on the words! esp. in 
the chorus (does he say soul,side,sign,son ?) i dont know. soul would make sense, 
but it doesnt sound like that. 
well listen to the song. and let me know what you think. i do love this one. 
(Capo on 3)


Verse: Em C* Am C Chorus: D/F# Am C Ge|------0----0------0---0-----------------2-----0-----0------3-----------|B|------0----3------1---1-----------------3-----1-----1------0(3)--------|G|------0----0------2---0-----------------2-----2-----0------0-----------|D|------2----4------2---2-----------------0-----2-----2------0-----------|A|------2----5------0---3-----------------0-----0-----3------2-----------|E|--3-2-0----x------x---x-----------------2-----x-----x------3-----------|
CAPO 3 Intro : Em C* Am C Em V1.
Em Set your eyes low, set your eyes
C*oh west against the morning,
Am as I had no warning of this,
C when they come to wake me up.
EmSet your sights love, set your sights
C* oh far across the ocean,
Am as if I never touch the ocean,
C D/F#I would only come back home sleep.
D/F# Am C G D/F#But oh my Soul(?), am I alright, am I alright?
D/F# Am C G EmOh my soul, am I alright, am I alright?
C* Am C V3.
Em Cut your ties love, cut your ties,
C*And say I never knew you,
Amtheyll see right through you.
CAnd you cannot run and hide.
Em But keep the faith love, keep the faith,
C*though I know its gonna bring you high(?),
Amknow its gonna bring you down,
C D/F# But though the devil may not take you, you never will escape this love.
D/F# Am C G D/F#But oh my soul, am I alright, am I alright.
D/F# Am C G D/F# oh my soul, am I alright, am I alright.
D/F# Am C G D/F#Still this burning in my throat, is going through all of the motions,
D/F# Am C And I will some day come to my home,
G D/F# Emand maybe one day I will reach the ocean,
C* Am C Em.Oh, oh. Oh, Ohhhhhhh.
[thats it. the second to last Em doesn't have the bottom E string (-3-2-) section, and the final C* has variations with the top e string being played (-0-5-). if that makes sense. doesn't really matter. listen to the song i guess.] Cheers.
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