The Ocean chords ver. 2 with lyrics by Noah Gundersen - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Noah Gundersen – The Ocean chords ver. 2

INTRO- Am //// C //// Dm //// F //// Am

AmSet your eyes love
GSet your eyes oh, west against the morning
DmCause I have no warning of this
FWhen they come to wake me up
(Walkdown from F to Am)
AmSet your sights love
GSet your sights oh, far across the ocean
DmCause if I never touch the ocean
F GI would only come back home to sleep
G DmBut oh, my sight
F CAm I alright?
GAm I alright
Dm FOh, my sight
CAm I alright?
AmAm I alright?
Instrumental: Am //// C //// Dm //// F //// Am VERSE 2:
AmCut your ties love
GCut your ties, and say I never knew you
DmBut they'll see right through you
FAnd you cannot run and hide
(Walk down from F to Am)
AmBut keep your faith love
G Keep the faith, I know it's gonna to bring you life
DmI know it's gonna bring you down
FBut though the devil may not take you
GYou never will escape this love
G Dm FStill this burning in my throat
C GIs going through all of the motions
Dm FAnd I will someday come to my home
C G AmAnd maybe one day I will reach the ocean
Am //// C //// Dm //// F //// Am
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