Noah Gundersen – Ledges chords

                             LEDGES - Noah Gundersen



Em G C C/G D e|--0---3---3---0---0--|B|--0---0---1---1---3--|G|--0---0---0---0---0--|D|--2---0---2---2---4--|A|--2---2---3---3---5--|E|--0---3---x---3---5--|
Intro: Em G C G C Ce|----x-0-0-0-0-0-----3-3-3-3-3-----3-----3-----3-----3-------------------|B|----x-3/5-5-5/3-----0h1-1-1p0-----1-----0-----1-----1-------------------|G|----0-0-0-0-0-0-----0-0-0-0-0-----0-----0-----0-----0-------------------|D|----2---------------0-------------0h2---0-----0h2---2p0h2---------------|A|----2------------2--2-------------3-----2-----3-----3-------------------|E|----0------------3--3-------------x-----3-----x-----x-------------------|
On the Intro and between verses Noah slides up the B string from 3rd fret to 5th and back again between the Em and G chords. Then hammers on the B string on 1st fret then off again on the G chord. Before hammering on the D string on 2nd fret on the C chord. I've tried to show this above - probably not very well. Also plenty of C chord variation throughout the song. Lots of hammering on n'stuff. There's a nice video on youtube where you can see/hear it. Should be able to work it out from that. Intro: Em G C G C C x2 V1:
Em G C GI've got a lot of loose ends, I've done some damage,
C G CI've cut the rope so they fray,
Em G C GI've got a lot of good friends, keeping me distracted,
C G C Ckeeping my sanity safe,
C/G Em D C/GHere, I stand on the edge of the ledges I've made,
C/G Em DLooking for a steady hand,
C/G Em D C/GHere, I stand in the land of the rocks in the valley,
C/G Em DTrying to be a better man (for you),
Em G C G C C V2:
Em G C GI drink a little too much, It makes me nervous,
C G C CI've got my grandfathers blood,
Em G C GI take a little too much, without giving back,
C G C CIf blessed are the meek then I'm cursed,
Repeat Chorus Em G C G C C (x2) Violin bit play C chord over and over! Repeat Chorus End:
C (No Chords)And I want to learn how to love,
And give it all back, And be forgiven for all I've done.
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