Nobuo Uematsu – Dear Friend tab

This is the original song from Last Order. It has been remixed which can be found in 
Crisis Core OST with the new song title, "Moonlight Wandering". Personally, I like the 
original version much more than the remix in my opinion.

NOTE: This is played in E flat. So if you have your guitar in standard tuning, you must 
tune your guitar a half step down.


D5, E5, C5

D5: X 5 7 7 X X
E5: X 8 10 10 X X
C5: X 3 5 5 X X

The rhythm in order

D5: down, down, down, up, down, down, up
E5: down, down
C5: down ,up, down, down, up

Guitar 2 (I'm not entirely sure if this is correct)

e|------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|-----(7)----------------------------------------------------------------|D|---7-------------(10)---------------------------------------------------|A|-5-----------8------------3----Let it ring and repreat------------------|E|---------------8--------------------------------------------------------|
Guitar 2 plays the chords in order during the solo A5, G5, A5, A5, G5, A5, Bb5, Bb5, A5, Bb5, C5, Bb5, C5, Bb5, A5 A5, G5, A5, A5, G5, A5, Bb5, Bb5, A5, Bb5, C5, Bb5, C5, Bb5, D5 A5: 5 7 7 x x x G5: 3 5 5 X X X Bb5: 6 8 8 X X X C5: 8 10 10 X X X D5: 10 12 12 X X X and repeat from the beginning
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