Noddy – Make Way For Nodd chords

Em A

DMake way for Noddy (Noddy!)
AHe toots his horn to say, beep, beep, beep,
AMake way for Noddy (Noddy)
DCome on out and Play.
DMake way for Noddy (Noddy)
G EmShout a big Hooray,
G E D BLet get ready, and steady (GO) its a happy day,
Em A DNoddy's on his way!!
A# D#Make way for Noddy (Noddy)
FmHe's driving in his Car, beep, beep, beep,
A#Make way for Noddy (Noddy)
D#Toytown can't be far,
D#Make way for Noddy (Noddy)
G#Shout a big Hooray,
Fm G# FHis bell is ringing and singing
D# CIt's a happy day
Fm A# D#Noddys here, Make way!
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