Noel Gallagher – The Death Of You And Me chords ver. 2

Honestly I tried to figure it out when I listened the song but luckly, someone did 
it first. So, thank you whoever did this.

The Death of You and Me album isn't release yet. But you can find the song!

Pretty cool. Way to go Noel!

Capo at 4

Em9 = 022002
Em7 = 022030
Em7* = 020000
B7 = x21200
Cmaj7 = 032000


Intro: Em9 Em7 B7 , then Am B7 (Honestly I improvise this part)
Em B7High tide,
summer in the city the kids are looking pretty
Am B7but isnt it a pity that the
Em B7sunshine is followed thunder
the thoughts of going under and is it any wonder why the
GSea, is calling out to
B7Me, and i seem to spend my
Em Em7*whole life
Crunning from people who can
GBe, the death of
B7you and me, cos i can feel the
Em Em7*storm clouds
C Cmaj7sucking up my soul
(Same chord pattern) High tide Life is getting faster No one has the answer Trying to face the day In a new way From bottom of a bottle Cos everyman's a puzzle Let's run away together you and...
B7Forever we'll be free, free to spend our
Em Em7*whole lives running
Cfrom people who would
GBe, the death of you and
B7Me, cos i can feel the
Em Em7*storm clouds
Csucking up my soul
and so on... Em B7 (x2) Am B7 pattern again Verse 2x Then opening solo and chords.
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