Noel Gallagher – The Death Of You And Me chords

Here are the chords of this fantastic new Noel Gallagher song. 

Em9 = 022002
Em7 = 022030
Em7 = 020000
B7 = x21200

Capo #4

Intro: Em9 Em7 B7 , then Am B7

Em B7High tide,
summer in the city the kids are looking pretty
Am B7but isnt it a pity that the
Em B7sunshine is followed thunder
the thoughts of going under and is it any wonder why the
GSea, is calling out to
B7Me, and i seem to spend my
Em Em7*whole life
Crunning from people who can
GBe, the death of
B7you and me, cos i can feel the
Em Em7*storm clouds
C Cmaj7 (?)sucking up my soul
(next verse, same verse chord pattern, obviously) High tide Life is getting faster No one has the answer Trying to face the day In a new way (cant get this line) Cos every man's _____ Let's run away together you and...
B7Forever we'll be free, free to spend our
Em Em7*whole lives running
Cfrom people who would
GBe, the death of you and
B7Me, cos i can feel the
Em Em7*storm clouds
Csucking up my soul
and so on... outro brass: Em B7 (x2) Am B7 pattern
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