Nofx - Linoleum chords

cup. things i put the capo on 3 sounds good with a "punk voice"...also "and a dog named 
who pisses on my floor" i couldnt hear if it was a dog named bob or dog but 
tab is for acoustic and is ment to be a lil slower...

C EPossesions never meant anything to me
AMI'm not crazy
G F GWell that's not true, I've got a bed, and a guitar
C EAnd a dog named Bob who pisses on my floor
AMThat's right, I've got a floor
G F GSo what, so what, so what?
C EI've got pockets full of kleenex and lint and holes
AM G FWhere everything important to me
G CJust seems to fall right down my leg
EAnd on to the floor
AM G FMy closest friend linoleum
G CLinoleum
E AM FSupports my head, gives me something to believe
C EThat's me on the beachside combing the sand
AMMetal meter in my hand
FSporting a pocket full of change
C EThat's me on the street with a violin under my chin
AM FPlaying with a grin, singing gibberish
C EThat's me on the back of the bus
AMThat's me in the cell
FThat's me inside your head
C E AM FThat's me inside your hhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeaaaaaaadddddd
C E AM F (finish how ever u want That's me inside your head
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