Nofx – Scavenger Type tab ver. 2

Track: Scavenger Type
Artist: NOFX
Tabbed by: Si --
This song kicks ass and nobody has tabbed it yet i noticed. Youre all slack or lazy or both!!!!!
I'll give you the main part and then the change, you can work out when it changes.

---2--2--2--2----2--2--2--2---2--2--2----3--3--3--3----3--3--3--3----2--2--2--2---3--3--3----3--3--3--3----2--2--2--2----3--3--3--3---4--4--4----4--4--4--4------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- giggin alone...protaganist...sets his sites..anchor steam pint.
CONTINUES UNTIL CHANGECHANGE:---2--2--2--2---4--4--4--4---3--3--3---2--2--2---------3--3--3--3---3--3--3--3---2--2--2---2--2--2---------2--2--2--3---3--3--3--3---2--2--2---2--2--2------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Which then goes back to the main part, sounds brilliant if done correct. Play it along with punk in drub. NOFX Rules!!!!!!!!!! If youre gonna swipe this tab which undoubtably you will make sure it has my name and email on it and credit me with it. Cheers Si
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