Nofx – Scavenger Type tab

Band: Nofx
Song: Scavenger type
Album: Punk in drublic

Standard tunning,

Chord use are D,F#,Bm,Dsus4

D               x x 0 2 3 2
F#              x x 4 3 2 2
Bm              2 2 4 4 3 2
G/D             x x 0 4 3 3 
Dadd1           x x x 1 3 2
???             x x x 4 2 3

d: downstrock  
u: upstrock
x: lightly mute strings with left hand.


e--x-2-x-2-x-2-x-2--|B--x-3-x-3-x-3-x-3--|D--x-2-x-2-x-2-x-2--| x2G--x---x---x---x----|A-------------------|E--d-u-d-u-d-u-d-u--|
Main riff:
D F#e--x-2-x-2-x-2-x-2-|-x-2-x-2-x-2-x-2-|B--x-3-x-3-x-3-x-3-|-x-2-x-2-x-2-x-2-|D--x-2-x-2-x-2-x-2-|-x-3-x-3-x-3-x-3-|G--x---x---x---x---|-x---x---x---x---|A------------------|-----------------|E--d-u-d-u-d-u-d-u-|-d-u-d-u-d-u-d-u-|
Bm G/De--x-2-x-2-x-2-x-2--|-x-3-x-3-x-3-x-3-|B--x-3-x-3-x-3-x-3--|-x-3-x-3-x-3-x-3-|D--x-4-x-4-x-4-x-4--|-x-4-x-4-x-4-x-4-|G--x-4-x-4-x-4-x-4--|-x---x---x---x---|A-------------------|-----------------|E--d-u-d-u-d-u-d-u--|-d-u-d-u-d-u-d-u-|
Second riff: (this riff is played once after the main riff is played two time)
D Dadd1e--x-2-x-2-x-2-x-2--|-x-3-x-3-x-3-x-3-|B--x-3-x-3-x-3-x-3--|-x-3-x-3-x-3-x-3-|D--x-2-x-2-x-2-x-2--|-x-1-x-1-x-1-x-1-|G--x---x---x---x----|-x---x---x---x---|A-------------------|-----------------|E--d-u-d-u-d-u-d-u--|-d-u-d-u-d-u-d-u-|
G/D ?e--x-3-x-3-|-x-2-x-2--|B--x-3-x-3-|-x-3-x-3--|D--x-4-x-4-|-x-4-x-4--| G--x---x---|-x---x----|A----------|----------|E--d-u-d-u-|-u-d-u-d--|
Lyrics: Gigin alone at the bottom of the hill Our protagonist named Bill Sets his sights on an anchor steam pint All he, needs is thirteen quarters Congregated in his hat A crow, a scavenger type California redemption, provides him with his rent Room and board inside of, a fifth, of comfort As the wind penetrates his bones His mind keep focused Tidal waves of sound catapulted From his horn, wail like lovers The coins don't drop consistent as does the mercury His meter slows realizing a zenith He's reached perfection No one did see him die Tab by Jon... any question/correction or wtv...e-mail me NO TALENT!!!
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