Nofx – Louise tab

E	   G	       D       E	     G      D	
She had to walk with a silicon cock sticking in her ass 
    C          G
And one in her cunt.
E       G            D            E
A butterfly strapped tight to her clit,
          G       D         E        E
But who's got the remote control?

E          C      D     B
That would belong to Louise,
    E         C     G       D
She got a new pet a vaginal tease.
C	      		   D           G
Mommy's litte girl's gonna do what she please,
   C                          D
If she don't wanna get a spankin'

E            G            D            E
She likes to speak like a six year old brat
       G          D       C              G
"Mommy discipline me, you know I've been bad."
E            G              D         E
Start with a cat and she'll move to a crop
G              D         E
Neither one is wiling to stop.

E              C          D          B
She knows that girls just wanna have fun,
     E                 C      G       D
With four piercings inside of her labia.
C                        D            G
A little luggage lock connecting each one,
   C                         D
Prevents her girl from going astray.

G                     Am               C
Slut you think you've seen your master mean,
                   E                G
You better lick my puss and asshole clean.
         Am              C
Treat my clit like bubblegum,
Bitch make me come.

E             G          D          E
It's time for bed she'll secure her head
  G         D            C               G
Between her thighs for a thorough nights suck
E          G              D            E
Along with this she'll be drinking her piss
      G         D           E
So Louise don't have to get up.

E   C     D      B
Two goddesses in love
E             C       G            D
One resides below one reigns from above
C                        D          G
One shown in cuffs while one covets keys
    C    G      D           G# F G
The purgatorial touch of Louise...
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