None More Black – Who Crosses State Lines Without A Shirt chords

this is my first tab ever. i did this on acoustic, so it may not be 100% but i 
think it sounds pretty close

intro/main riff:


e|-3- e|-0- e|-3-B|-3- B|-0- B|-3-G|-0- G|-0- G|-0- play that about 8 or 9 timesD|-0- D|-0- D|-0-A|-2- A|-2- A|-2-E|-3- E|-3- E|-3-
C G riff It's something that i never tried
A notes in my book cuz its all in memory...
A socks dont match and that dont mean a thing to me...
G riff
G C A minorim sink sink sinking on a soul i couldnt sell to satan
Cbe comfortable in flames dont care if he'll be...
these are played as bar chords:
G, F#, G, A, G F# G...waiting im sail-ing down to hell
repeat all of that for the second part of the song, and the end with the solo is: (bar chords) G, F#, G, A, G, F# then end with the G riff
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