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None – No Doubt chords

Aint a Doubt
UnTucked- Check him out on Youtube @tuckmoney100

EmIll take you out to the movies
COr anywhere on a date
GBut girl I wanna see you tonight
DCuz maybe tomorrow is too late
EmThey say only two weeks you will be fine
CYou just saw her yesterday
GBut girl you always on my mind
DAnd that aint no mistake
EmI just wanna love ya
CAnd squeeze ya
G DAnd hold ya til the end
Em CAnd this babe is why
G DYou are my girlfriend
Em C G DYou, are beautiful inside and out
Em C G DI love you girl, aint no doubt
Em CI know it’s only been two weeks now
G D But they’ve been the best of all
Em C GI cant wait to see you in the hallways
DOr playin ball
EmSo take my hand hold it real tight
CI’ll hold ya until the end
GGirl I love ya, so much
DYou are my bestfriend
Chorus Chorus 2
EmGirl I love ya
CI need ya
G DI’ll be with ya til the end
Em CAnd you don’t need to worry
G DCuz I won’t bend
Em CI promise you girl
G DYes I’ll shout it out
Em C G DI love ya girl, aint a doubt!
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