Norah Jones – Stuck chords

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                   Norah Jones - Stuck
                 (album: The Fall, 2009)


G Dm F Ee|-----x----------------1--------------------------------------0----|B|-----x----------------3------------------1-------------------0----|G|-----x----------------2------------------2-------------------1----|D|-----------0--0-2-3---0----3-3-3-2-0-3---3----3-3-3-2-0--2---2----|A|-------0h2-------------------------------3----------------2-------|E|---3-------------------------------------------------------0------|
G DmHey shall we wade through the room for the street
FAnd finally to me
EHe asked me what I'm drinking
G DmMy friend johnny tugging on my sleeve
FAsked if I wanna leave
EAnd what I'm really thinking is
G Dm F EWhy can't it be easy, easy
G Dm F E Why don't you leave me, leave me, leave me be
D AmI can't see us swaying
D AmI can't hear what you're saying
G, Dm, F, E I'm sitting here stuck and plastered to my seat I think of a reason to leave When you finally start speaking I'll take a long stroll walked down washington street Half asleep on my feet Half aware if I'm dreaming I'll go home alone, a sinking stone, a switched-off telephone I'll go on briefly, a frozen breeze, a fallen down factory I still see us swaying But I can't hear what you're saying Solo I just lost the plot Got a little copped Been a little knocked I just hit a wall Had a little fall I felt a swinging wrecking ball And why should that be Why don't you tell me Why don't you tell me I'm sure you'll tell me Why don't you tell me I guess you'd tell me Tell me Used chords:
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