Norah Jones – Those Sweet Words tab

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Those Sweet Words
by Norah Jones 2004

Introduction of chord A:

D Ae|------------0---0---------|B|---------2------2---------|G|---2--4---------2---------|D|---0------------2---------|A|----------------0---------|E|--------------------------|
Intro: A, Ddim, D, A; Ddim, D, A; D, A; F#m, D, A. Dsus2 A What did you say Ddim D A I know I saw you singing Ddim D A But my ears won't stop ringing D Long enough to hear A F#m Those sweet words D A What did you say End of the day The hour hand has spun But before the night is done I just have to hear F#m Those sweet words D A Spoken like a melody F#m All your love D A Is a lost balloon D Cdim E Fdim F#m Rising up through the afternoon B7 E 'Til it could fit on the head of a pin
*this last chord E goes with:e|------------------------------------0-----|B|------------------------------------2-----|G|---1-2-1--1-2-1------1-2-1--1-2-1---2-----|D|--2------0--------------------------2-----|A|--------------------4------2--------0-----|E|------------------------------------------|
Come on in Did you have a hard time sleeping 'Cause the heavy moon was keeping Me awake and all I know Is I'm just glad to see you again Intro (piano) See my love Like a lost balloon Rising up through the afternoon And then you appeared What did you say I know what you were singing But my ears won't stop ringing Long enough to hear Those sweet words And your simple melody D I just have to hear A F#m Your sweet words D A Spoken like a melody D I just wanna hear A F#m D A Those sweet words... *finishing with D and A:
D Ae|--------------0-------|B|---0--2--0----2-------|G|---2-------2--2-------|D|---0----------2-------|A|---0----------0-------|E|----------------------|
Used chords: EADGBe A--------x02220
Cdim-----xx1212Fdim-----xx0101 - (xx3101)B7-------021202E--------022100
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