Northcote - Energy chords

                             ENERGY - Northcote (Matt Goud)
Tabbed by: big_cat

Tntro, Chorus and Verse are fairly standard. Interesting post-chorus progression 
with chords but otherwise. 
Amazing song! I didn't see any tabs or chord
charts up for this so please enjoy and email me with any errors you see.
***CHORD NAMES are most likely wrong, my apologies. I will tab the chords so you know
exactly what to play. They will be displayed at the bottom.***

Intro: C2

Pre-Verse: C - Am - Gadd4


Fadd9 C I went tasting salty rain...
Fadd9 C Morning spirits in the foam...
Fadd9 F5 C Gadd4 And in some strangers pain... - Or maybe joy, I was all dried up...
Fadd9 C I went whistling in the hills...
Fadd9 C For you cloudy silver fire...
Fadd9 F5 C Gadd4 My body tightened up with words... so I exhale, to loosen evil's power.
Fadd9 C When you're ready, I'll be ready
Fadd9 C Gadd4 'Cause I've been workin', I've been workin' for this
Fadd9 C Yeah, the winds have scattered many
Fadd9 C Gadd4 It's been driftin' us, driftin' us away...
(Post-chorus chords) (Interesting timing, listen to the song for this.) Ohhhh - Fadd9, C - Em6th Fadd9, E - Esus4
This is the short fill played after nearly each line in the verses:---> --->e|--3-----------------3--]B|--1-----------------1--]G|--0----0h2p0------0h2--]D|--2----------2p0--0h3--]A|--3--3-----------------]E|-----------------------]
VERSE3 So who are you working for? The kingdoms or the bottle... Some status or a one-night stand for the love of your life? The bill's in your hand... CHORUS When you're ready, I'll be ready 'Cause I've been workin', I've been workin' for this.. Yeah the winds have scattered many, It's been driftin us', driftin' us away. Now you know! Each verse and chorus is the same. Song progresses as so: Intro Verse1 Verse2 Chorus Verse3 Outro (The Song's outro is entirely composed of the post-chorus chord progression, and then is finished off with a gentle picking/strumming of Gadd4, followed by a final strum of the Fadd9.) Chords Used - I realize I have probably named most of these wrong. I figured this song out completely by ear, so PLEASE email me the correct chord names if need be. Thank you and enjoy!
C2 C Am Gadd4 Fadd9 F5 Em6th E Esus4e|-3-----3------3-------3--------3-------8-------3-----0------0-----------|B|-3-----1------1-------1--------1-------6-------1-----0------0-----------|G|-0-----0------2-------0--------2-------5-------0-----1------2-----------|D|-2-----2------2-------0--------3-------0-------2-----2------2-----------|A|-3-----3------0-------2--------x-------x-------2-----2------2-----------|E|-x-----x------x-------3--------x-------x-------0-----0------0-----------|
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