Novo Amor – Utican chords

D  Dsus4  D  Dsus4

[Verse 1]
DHear that?
NC D/F# GOh my god, I’ll fill the coffee over!
DTear out
A/C# D A/C# D A/C# D/F# GAll my love until my blood runs sober.
A/EOh, let me down,
D/A A/C# G/B GMy body’s sinking, I can feel it now.
A/EOh, hear me out,
D A/E GI’ve been thinking I won’t stick around.
[Verse 2]
ASee that?
D G DOh my god, I think we lost control!
A/EFeel that?
A/C# D/F# GDon’t mind me, I won’t be here for long.
N.C. A/C# D/A GSo please don’t tell me now,
Dsus4 A/E D A/C# G/BI swore it for you once and it gets me down,
A/E D/F# GSo please don’t tell me now.
AOh, get me out!
D A/C# G/B GMy body’s shaking, but I don’t fear it now.
A/C# D/F# A GI’ll sing it out, thank god you’re shrinking, ‘cause I won’t be around.
So I would take a bow! [Coda] Em Em6 D D/F# G/B Em D D/F# G D
End on G or D
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