Nugent Ted – Just What The Doctor Ordered tab

Title: Just What the Doctor Ordered
Artist: Ted Nugent

Transcribed by: Jonathon R. (

This song is very simple, with only one main riff,
and twelve bar blues progression.  Downstroke on the first note
of the riff, upstroke on the second, and make sure to alternate every
one after that (of course, but it makes a big difference in this song).
Also the \"very quick hammer-ons\" are optional, but I think they
make it sound a LOT better and more like the real song.

BE----------------------------------| This is the main riff, usedB----------------------------------| through most of the song.G----------------------------------| Have your index finger barreD--9---7-----------------7---------| the 7th fret.A----------7h9---7---7h9-----------|E-7---7---7-----7---7--------------| ^^^ Very quick hammer
EE--------------------------| Then it shifts up to the keyB--------------------------| of E...G--9---7-----------------7-|D----------7h9---7---7h9---|A-7---7---7-----7---7------|E--------------------------| ^^^ Very quick hammer
F#E--------------------------------------| Now down to F sharp (BarreB--------------------------------------| the 2nd fret)G--------------------------------------| Play a quick E5 after doingD--4---2-----------------2-------------| this riff once, then goA----------2h4---2---2h4---------------| back to the key of B.E-2---2---2-----2---2------------------| ^^^ Very quick hammer
There are a few variations to the basic riff. Right before the solo, when the rhythym guitar plays alone, you hear this:
E----------------------------|B----------------------------|G----------------------------|D--9---7------------------7--|A----------7h9---7---7779----|E-7---7---7---7---7----------| ^^^ Very quick hammer
Lastly, during the outro solo, you hear this variation:
E--------------------------------|B--------------------------------|G--------------------------------|D--9---7-------------------------|A----------7h9---7--12-11-10-----|E-7---7---7---7-----10-9--8------| ^^^ Very quick hammer
Sorry, I don\'t have solos...
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