Time Machine chords with lyrics by Nyoy Volante - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Nyoy Volante – Time Machine chords

Not sure of the tab I made in the first lines of the verses.  However, I'm positive on 
rest of the chords.

---3------------------3--------------------o---------------o-------|-------------------------------------------o---------------o-------|----------------------4--------------------o---------------2-------|-------------------------------------------o---------------3-------|-------------------------------------------o---------------o-------|---3------------------3--------------------3---------------3-------|..your heart, I promised you, but when I got it, what did I do
CI broke it,
F Gdidn't mean to, but I did.
2nd verse (repeat the chords above)
G-E11-E7...I didn't mean to, but I did..
AmI wish that I could take back,
Cmthe morning scented nights.
G-G/F# E11-E7and all the tears you shed for me, 'cause I thought I was right..
Am D ENow I give up all my life for the second time, please tell me.
A E/G#m F#m - EWhat the heck did I do?
DI wish I had a time machine
GUndo the things I didn't mean.
A E/G#m F#m - EOh, how do I apologize to you
DI wish I had a time machine
G AI don't wanna lose you.
Repeat the chords on the verse. Then refrain and chorus. Adlib: A-G-G/F#-D (2x) Bridge:
F GTurn back time, turn back time
F GTurn back time, turn back
Chorus: C-G/B-Am-G-F-Bb (2x) Then the last chorus will go back to A. (see the chords above) If you have questions, just email me at hanahsantos@gmail.com or you can add me on with the same email address. Cheers!
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