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Nerina Pallot – The Girl From Lakeville chords



[Verse 1]

AThe girl comes from Lakeville
AHer dad, he cuts hair
C G AIt's a small town in the middle of nowhere
AIn tried and tested fashion
AShe took a plane and headed west
C G ATo a city of neuroses, to the one that I love best
E D ADid you think I couldn't feel it from 5,000 miles away?
E D AThat I wouldn't sense betrayal in the things you could not say?
Dm G AI may be ditzy, I know I'm uncool, but I'm not like you
[Verse 2]
ASierra bonita
AThat you'll never be
C G AAnd I figure for that, you'll always hate me
ABut beauty is affliction
AIt scars me from the rest
C GI only wanted to be ordinary
ATo be no more, to have no less
EBut did you think you wouldn't think of me
D AWhen you moved your hand down there?
EThat he wouldn't think it strange
D ATo run his fingers through your hair?
EIt's the one thing that you want
D AThe thing you know you'll never have
DmThree lonely people
GIt's one sorry mess
[Middle 8]
A D GOh my girlfriend, girlfriend
CI dig the book you bought
A D GHey my girlfriend, girlfriend
CThe record is cool
A D GOh my girlfriend, girlfriend
CYou know you make me smile
A DOh my girlfriend
G C AI thought we'd be friends for a while
GI thought that we'd be
D G AI thought we'd be friends, girl
G DWhat'd you do it for? Hey
G A A7What'd you do it for, yeah
D GOh, you can't wait
D G A7What'd you do it for, why'd you make me
A7 GCry
D7 G ACry, old books and records, clothes
GThese things on my mind, hey
D G AThink of him, think of you, sometimes
G DGirl from Lakeville, what'd you do it for?
GWhat'd you do it for, what'd you do it for?
A G D G AOh my girlfriend, what'd you do it for?
GWhat'd you do it for girl? Think about it
A G ASometimes it cross my mind, uh-uh yeah yeah
GDon't wanna think about it, don't wanna think about it
A7Ever again
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